Project Details

Client: Hulk challenge

Project: design for social media

Donations: www.gofundme.com/2017-hulk-challenge

ComanBo and the Pedro Caraballo Track Club have teamed up for 13 years to create a healthy and joyful event that brings the community together and sparks kids interest in track and running. The Hulk Challenge introduces kids to the opportunity to compete and excel at sport, while at the same time giving them each individually the opportunity to feel like winners.

This year, the economic crisis on the island of Margarita - Venezuela is making it more and more difficult for local sponsors to provide support through donations. At the same time, the children have become the most-affected by the social, economic and political crisis impacting the country, making it even more important to us to guarantee that this year, they will have their Hulk Challenge.
The children are teach to go beyond their circumstances and reach for their goals. Today the organizers seek funding outside of the community to host this event so they can continue to impact the Venezuela youth in a positive way.

As a resident study in Margarita Island we are witnessing the state of necessity in different areas. This opened our eyes to realize that we have much to contribute, our grain of sand, the first of many to come.